A paid service we offer is integration of our software application products with your CMS. With over a dozen years of experience integrating software applications with Joomla! and WordPress we can attest to the degree of difficulty it poses. Even for small web sites it was tedious and prone to errors. Writing software code and integrating it with a large web site was a herculean task. Content Management Systems changed all that.

Joomla! templates, extensions, plus WordPress plugins and themes eased the burden significantly. Web sites were being created, not just built as more and more visual approaches allowed the focus to be on design. We have taken one area of this a step further by integrating a process that employs Rapid Application Development to easily and securely integrate custom applications that extend the possibilities significantly with the two major CMS in use today..We have married some existing technologies to do this.

The first hurdle to overcome was to stop writing software application code the old way. Coding has gone from monolithic to object-oriented to visual with generation of reusable code for commonly used tasks. This allows the focus to be on database and software design. here are some bad, fair and excellent generators out ther and as with all of our products, Xlinesoft appears to be the best overall and also the most flexible due to its multi-vendor approach that appeases Open Source and Microsoft customers alike. Let's look at how we have streamlined this further using a Joomla! CMS as an example.

A common problem with any CMS is a double-edged sword, Components, Modules and Plugins are bound by strict rules concernin directory hierarchy