What We Provide


Prototype with iRise!

Our approach to design uses visual tools that are so clients get to participate in the look and feel of their new web site. Since the tools do not require coding knowledge, prototypes can be set up very quickly by importing existing web sites as the video shows.Clients can select from a variety of web pages using this process to create their web site prototype with,

Create a Joomla! web site.

We find that using a top-notch CMS like Joomla! to create the site using your prototype, is the fastest way to get your site operational. Years of experience have shown us that using the best extensions and templates that can be used in every type of web site with the appropriate styling and design changes so they fit  in with your site's style, look and feel.

Create a WordPress web site.

Like Joomla! this immensely popular CMS is now ready to work for you besides being a top-notch CMSeverything else we offer, our development approach is well, RAD! The design and template come alive in less time before as you watch your new web site materialize online and in real time.

RAD Prices!

We believe that applications built using reusable components should have prices that are also RAD. Unless the  need for customization arises, we charge in Rapid Application Dollars.


RAD Testing!

We can confidently say that we will use RAD testing techniques for your new web site. Rapid Application Technology reduces overall testing time since reusable components do not require it.


Vendor Partnerships, Training & Ongoing Support

We use "Best-of-Breed" vendor products, train our clients in their use and provide ongoing support.


Build Pages Rapidly

JA Builder is a whole new way to design Joomla templates. Check out the 29+ page library, categorized by main menu options like Home,  Portfolio and Contact Us plus others that are commonly used on most web sites. 120+ content blocks are supplied that you can copy and paste to any page. There are a very large number of combinations you can achieve and all can be customized by replacing multimedia, images and text with your own to create a professional looking web site with a style that is unique to your business.


iRise can import any web site or site you like, including templates. Change it to suit the look & style you prefer using your multimedia, image & text content. Remove unwanted functionality easily or add functionality. Imports are easily done using the iRise extension for Chrome.


Once your prototype is ready we will begin the design process with you using an online meeting room. There is no need to screen share the web site with you as you can access it using any browser. This lets us work on the design with you in real time using visual, drag and drop technology.


Using the prototype to determine what Joomla! components, modules, plugins and content will be required to duplicate the functionality of the prototype, we'll install and configure the Content Management System so its ready for us to follow with instalingl a blank template.


Once the prototype design is finished and approved we'll take over and migrate this prototype to your web site using JA Page Builder from JoomlArt. This allows us to use drag and drop technology, which greatly reduces the time it takes to create the actual template for your web site pages.

Free Consultations

We provide free assessments of you web site if your project involves replacing or enhancing it and do the same if it is a new one. Within one or two days we can provide you with an estimate so you have an idea of cost before any charges are incurred. If you wish to proceed or do not, there is no charge for this service.

Capture Your Web Site

An impressive choice of web site choices is available using prototype creation tools that include the ability to capture a web site page using your browser with one click. This means an existing web site you wish to change or a new one that needs to be created by capturing an endless variety of choices complete with multimedia, prototype functionality, data presentation and quality proved by us – and you can join the team and add your own ideas yourself.

Animate Your Web Site

After you collect your web sit pages we will assist as you use a visual tool that allows you to rapidly combine your captured web site pages complete with functioning multimedia, links, controls and events, data presentation, and styling. If your organization requires it, team and project management tools are also provided to gather requirements, track progress and write documentation.

Template Your Web Site

Templates provide a way to provide a framework structure for the content on your web site's pages. We use modern, responsive technology to create them using tools that employ rapid application technologies to generate them.in impressive styles with photos, sliders, multimedia, and other content – and you can choose the best options yourself.


FREE service

Free Freshbooks account including a no-charge assessment, proposal, schedule and estimates with milestones for all our client's projects.