Our Team


Dedicated, collaborative hard-working.

We're in the business of researching and providing services that help you rapidly create your visions.

At Stony Creek Consulting, LLC we spend a significant amount of our time researching products that are designed to create software rapidly, using visual methods that replace traditional ones that develop applications using text-based IDE's.

Using over a decade of experience doing this, in addition to three decades of experience working with users designing, developing and supporting their hardware and software systems, we know that people think visually and so do the people that create and support.these systems.

As a managed service provider, we have assembled a suite of tools developed and supported by other companies we feel are "best-of-breed" visual design, development and support tools, many used by some of the largest companies in the US. Why don't we develop such tools? Because we feel the need for providing managed services for them is a market with great demand. All tools we use require many hours of research and training which we have done for you so you can focus on what you can see for yourself, as it is being created, and also participate in the process to get what you want.

Our key achievements

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