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Import a web site prototype using iRise
Create web site with Joomla! & WordPress 
Design pages visually with JA PageBuilder
Generate code & customize using Xlinesoft

Integrate with a CMS Stony Creek
Training & Support - Stony Creek


We Are A Managed Service Provider

MICROSOFT - Windows, IIS, .NET (C# & VB), SQL Server, Office, VBA 
CMS - Joomla!, WordPress

Open Source is Flexible

Open Source provides a multitude of solutions provided by a global community that due to their availability and ease of modification are very flexible. Many are freely available. The difference with using our Open Source Managed Services is we have developed and used these applications for many years,During the process, we have found and prefer "Best of Breed" applications. These top of the line products are provided by trustworthy and time tested vendors.whose products we have reviewed and provide recommendations for to save you time and money.

We Love MVC

Take a look at the video for the best one I have seen on explaining the Model View Controller design pattern we use in all Microsoft and Joomla! web sites that we develop

If you need a Microsoft web site, we are very familiar with the Microsoft product line and have access to their development resources. We are experienced Microsoft .NET developers using C# or VB and employ Rapid Application Development of your web site using the Xlinesoft products that produce a Microsoft Visual Studio compatible solution. The Visual Studio Solution we produce uses MVC, C# or VB NET code and Razor for views

Joomla! has used this software design pattern since its inception. Since we began developing when Joomla! was introduced we are thoroughly familiar with this software design pattern.

Use Both CMS

With Joomla! and WordPress your web site creation time is cut dramatically.because development of a Content Management Systems web site uses extensions that are easy to install and also cut down testing time. The previous link shows we recommend and use CMS that are "Best of Breed". 

Jooomla's extensions and , templates, plus WordPress plugins and themes have far less issues than custom developed code, not to mention their ease of installation..With over a dozen years of CMS experience with WordPress and Joomla!, we have an edge. The edge is narrowing down the playing field by reviewing, recommending and using only the best extensions, templates, plugins and themes that are out there from vendors that distribute them and have endured the test of time.

WordPress versus Joomla! debates are everywhere. Why bother? We have created great web sites using both and what our clients prefer. We also have been creating multisite WordPress web sites for years and have the expertise to integrate both Joomla! and WordPress for the ultimate web site that can be managed from Joomla! See the video for some of the advantages this configuration offers.

Hosting Made Manageable

Your focus needs to be on running your business using your web site and not hassling with the platforms they run on. We highly recommend Liquid Web. We have recommended and also use the managed hosting services offered by this company. For over twelve years we have migrated many clients to this hosting provider for a number of satisfied clients. Their servers are lightning fast and allow us to work on them unfettered by any restrictions, That way, we can provide whatever is needed to provide ongoing support for your server environment at optimal performance levels.

We are experienced with a variety of servers running operating systems like CentOS and Microsoft Windows Server plus, protection from your web site being compromised from things like malware. We are available to provide ongoing, 24x7 support for these platforms if you wish to purchase a Support Level Agreement, This is backed by the team of network support specialists at Liquid Web as a safety net in the event we are unavailable..

Prototype With Ease

Last year we began a quest to solve one of the most frustrating issues for our clients. People are visually oriented. If they can't see it and touch it, the end result is a multitude of change requests after the development version of the web site is up and running for their review. It is one of the primary reasons web site launch delays occur.

In an attempt yo solve this, generic templates and themes using stock articles, images, multimedia and graphics have proliferated to the point where web sites are starting to all look alike no matter how much you modify them and their claims of easy to use and modify are usually not the case. We are now using an approach that we feel will solve this issue

After using the best tools out there, we chose the only company we could find with an easy to use Chrome Extension that  imports a functional web site page with just one click as shown in the first video. This includes templates and themes. It allows us to create a prototype from a web site, template or theme that our client has a preference for. and is functional yet very easy to change, It also has a featured allowing you to add sample data your client is familiar with. Then, we make it uniquely your own. using your content preferences plus, our recommendations and assistance with the best design and user experience possible.

We also use this to remodel existing web sites and keep them fresh and up-to-date plus, improving their Search Engine Results Pages or SERP in the process, This is a good practice for Search Engine Optimization.

T4 Framework is Modern

The T3 Framework used in Joomla! has been around for quite a while. We adopted it when it was introduced in some of our first responsive web sites. But there was something else we saw that intrigued us so we started using the T3 Blank Template and also the T3 Page Builder. Many cringe at the thought of using a Page Builder but this is not your typical Page Builder.

It's A Matter Of Trust

We only use vendors whose services & products have withstood the test of time.

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Superior Web Sites Are Created, Not Just Built.

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Ian Shere at CitrusKiwi Web Solutions LLC via LinkedIn

Joe is just the best! He is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I've yet to mention a programming language he doesn't know. His hourly rate is ridiculously fair in the world of programming. He does great work and doesn't nickel and dime. Totally recommended.

Ian Shere - CEO

Ric Schultz at RIC Proforce, LLC via LinkedIn

I worked with Joe for a number of years at HarrisData. During that time, Joe was responsible for the design and development of complex financial reporting and networking applications. Joe's ability to understand multiple layers of detailed requirements is 2nd to none.

Ric Schultz - President

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