How to Create Content the Easy Way Using Kafkai

Why Kafkai?

Kafkai is the key to Success for B2Bs, Affiliate Merchants, Affiliates Services. and businesses everywhere.

Creation and Curation

Designing, developing, and supporting company websites for years now has made me keenly aware of the importance of superior content. SEO and Data Analytics professional service offerings involve even more content production than a transcription from customer scripts or curating content. I was also taking on two new lines of business as a merchant producing digital products and an affiliate for the same. I need to create and curate.

AI, OpenVoice, and GPT

I discovered Kafkai recently while researching artificial intelligence advancements in TTS. I found many links leading to trials of what looked like good candidates for my vendor evaluation; I was impressed but not amazed. Most did not have the originality I wanted. I soon learned curation does not equal creation. I wanted. GPT-2, now GPT-3, looked very promising and OpenVoice. After trying some other keywords, I saw a link to Kafkai.

As I scrolled down the home page, I slowly saw the title ” Breakthrough came from Elon Musk’s OpenVoice,” appear. I started another round of discovery and good reads about GTP and Text To Speech technology. I was pretty excited as I imagined what it would be like to see my text speaking to me using my voice. After looking at some others that are in varying stages of implementing this new technology I kept going back to the Kafkai web site so I, created a trial account.